What is the TripAdvisor’s Business listing or Plus Client? What is the cost and the ROI of it?

TripAdvisor declared earlier this year that he registered 50 000 users for its service “Business listing” (This number gathers hotels, restaurants, rentals…) so this service most work right?

Well the answer is Yes. Now you must evaluate whether this tool is necessary for your accommodation facing the investment required as the fee rises over a thousand dollars for independent hoteliers with relatively few rooms (when launched this tool cost was over $ 500).

The first thing you need to have before contracting this service is a website that encourages reservations, a phone line functioning and good quality pictures. Indeed it is very important to have these material to complete successfully TripAdvisor’s strategy: Direct sales.

Because every time one of the 260 million monthly users who visit this site either from a desktop or a smartphone will be able to contact you easily. In the picture below you can see how the contact info of the Hotel are exposed:

cliente plus tripadvisor 1

In a survey run by TripAdvisor in the United States showed that the return on investment for every dollar spend on a “Business listing profile”is $ 64 dollars. We do not know how much is the ROI in Latin America or in other continents but if your website isn’t well ranked it might be a good idea to put your contact info on TripAdvisor so more people contacts you directly.

Another functionality of TripAdvisor’s paid profiles is the ability to promote deals. Those deals are the ones appearing on your own website so the promotions aren’t rooms that you allocated with TripAdvisor. We know that over 60% of travelers are encouraged by interest rates *, the different shopping calls appearing on this reviews site will encourage more sales without commissions.

trip connect tripadvisor 2

You can see on the previous image that there aren’t availability for online travel agencies so our promotions are even more encouraging! You may also notice in the picture below that promotions for Hotel Monterilla appear on the first results page for “Hotels in Viña del Mar”.

tripadvisor pro 3

Another functionality worth to be presented is the “Business Board” where you will find statistics and interesting information about your potential customers. To do this you must enter your account prorietario and search for it in the left tab as you can see in the following image:

tablero tripadvisor 4

While the paid profile is a powerful tool we wonder why after paying an imortant sum TripAdvisor places Ads promoting online travel agencies when people clicks on the hotel profile’s pictures.

tripconnect turorial 5

We recommend hiring this option especially if your hotel is not well known or if you want to follow an aggressive promotion strategy… in any case a lot of people goes to TripAdvisor so you should try and see if it improves your rentability. What do you think ?

*TripAdvisor Global Barometer