What is TripConnect from TripAdvisor? What are the real advantages for an Hotelier?

 Know more details about TripAdvisor’s new tool, TripConnect : Advantages, disadvantages?

With the constant changes of the hotel industry on the web and the various services available to sell more and better their rooms we’ve been offering and spreading some criticism and advices about it. Previously, we posted a note where we stated to be carefull with Online travel agencies (OTA ) even when they are an important sale channel.

This time we’ve studied the next release of TripAdvisor and its promise to give Plus Clients a more profitable business, here are some explanations and examples to understand more about it.

The first thing to understand is that the purpose of TripConnect tool is to get travelers to book directly with you through your website, saving commissions and ensuring a closer relation with your client. Three dynamics where designed to succed:

  • The PPC (pay per click) works the same way as Google Adwords does. Indeed, you will be able to set a campaign in TripAdvisor to appear in the search results of the price comparator, your business will have promoting impressions and be highlighted versus your competition. You are charged every time the person click and go straight to your TripAdvisor profile (cost per click are undisclosed for now).
  • Once the traveler clicks the ad or search by the normal process, your TripAdvisor’s Hotel profile will put him in contact with your Hotel website to book directly – no commission fee.
  • The website should have a booking engine TripAdvisor certified. So each time a reservation is made you will have a report of the ROI you get from the PPC you’ve invested.

The advantages are clear, this is a channel that promotes your business with a big community potential clients (260 million visitors) and drives you direct sales and ranks your hotel before your competition.

But, there are certain nuances that should be explored :

  1. You should analyze if your current TripAdvisor’s ranking as a Plus Customer is enough to get direct direct bookings throught your website without paying a PPC campaign.
  2. You should analyze if its better being ranked in this travelers community versus being ranked on Google. What brings you more business? Which one has a cheaper PPC ?
  3. Make a comparison between the investment you can make in TripAdvisor PPC versus the commission you would have paid to Booking.com, Expedia and other online travel agencies.

In any case, here in Clerk we favor tools that allow you to sell your rooms directly that is why we’ll be offering TripConnect to our users very soon – you are the one who will decide if you want to subscribe to this service.