Why Hotels, hostels and B&B need to have a Facebook fan and not a regular profile?

At he end of 2009 Facebook Fanpage were launched. These are the business Facebook profiles where you become a Fan by “Liking” (this is unlike personal profiles where you accessed through a friend request). Since then, Fanpages have gradually been adding features that enhance marketing and promotion turning those profiles on real business ones.

Whenever new account are made in Clerk we always try to learn more about each one of our clients. Thus, we visit their Web, Twitter or Facebook when available. Many times we are surprised that our users have personal Facebook profiles for their hotels, hostels, condos … so we decided to make a post about:

why they should switch to a business profile ?

1.- Terms of use and privacy:
  • Prevent to be removed by Facebook and its policy. Avoid losing any data, conversations and obviously all guests and potential clients you’ve gathered. Be careful because regular profiles that register big amounts of new “friends” in a short period are verified.
  • Most of Facebook users know the difference between personal and business profiles so they never become “friends” of a company that has a regular profile for privacy reasons – they don’t want to share their family pictures! A business profile has restricted access to information and so more people are willing to become a “fan” of a boutique hotel or other accommodations they stay in or are planning to.
2.- Features to promote yourself: 
  • Get an attractive and visual landing page that invites guests to pick your hotel.

casonas fan page

  • Benefit of word of mouth from your fans when “liking” your fanpage because they are automatically promoting it on their wall and timeline. Plus, any other interaction will do the same promotion advantages.
mensajes y promociones en facebook para hotel
  • Use “top stories” to emphasize promotions, stories or statements (Clicking on the star at the top left of any comment shared)
  • A better positioning on search engines like Google especially if you don’t have your own website. And also on Facebook’s browser you’ll get a better exposure.
encontrabilidad facebook para hoteles
3.- Know better your customers and what are their expectations:
  • Talk and share pictures of your accommodation or nearby activities with fans and visitors.
compartir imágenes e ideas
  • Know from what country, age, gender are all your visitors by using the stats and graphics that Facebook gives you.
estadísticas facebook para el hotel
  • Understand what kind of images, states, stories or promotions are the most viewed and shared among your followers. Keep improving your relationship with them.
estadísticas de resultados facebook para hotel

4.- Using applications developed for Facebook

  • Here we are going to use the example of our very own application that will help you to sell your rooms directly on Facebook through our online booking app. When having a personal profile it’s impossible to connect your account with this application nor market your accommodation.

These are great reasons for you to change from a regular profile to a business one. More ideas or comments?!

motor de reserva para facebook