With Clerk leave old methods of hotel management behind

During summer hotel reservations suffer a great increase, and all hotel staffs must deliver the best service to satisfy their clients. But, what happens when a pen and a paper are no longer usefull to manage your hotel? Or, for example, how do you deal with the fact your reservations spreadsheet is managed only by one staff member?

The consequences are multiple and sometimes disastrous: to make two reservations for the same room at the same day, to lose the records of your hotel by a problem with your computer or not being aware of the availabilty of a room or service for a specific client.

Therefore, the perfect scenario would involve an easy to manage service, 100% safe, and that can be used by multiple users… some of the essential features of Clerk, a system that allows to manage your hotel in the cloud. Know more advantages and functionalities of this tool, such as make an online reservation of your clientes and keep a record of all the activities of your hotel.