Your personalized booking

We’ve released a new and important feature to support your Hotel  sales: the online reservation module or personalized booking.

The beauty of the simple is what motivates us, thus we’ve designed an easy reservation process, efficient, quick, with no commissions and with a personalized design

Without commissions!

You only have to use Clerk to sell your rooms online, without commission nor “hidden conditions”. Remember, we’re hoteliers just like you are and we know how annoying is to pay high commissions.

How does it work?

On your Clerk account you have to go to “Administration” and then “Rooms“. On the area where your rooms are defined you’ll see a new column: “Online Sale“, Just by checking the room your telling Clerk that you wish to sell this room on your website.

How do i take mi personalized booking to my website?

It’s quite simple! As you could appreciate on the side menu column there’s a new option called “Online Reservation”. There you’ll find the simple steps that will allow you to take your personalized booking to your website. You would be able also to define the colors you want for your booking module that combine with your website look & feel.

How do your clients use it?

Since the moment you put your personalized booking on your website, your clients will be able to book online. When that happens they will receive a personalized email asking for the confirmation of the reservation; you’ll receive a similar email addressed to the account you declared in Clerk. Now you only have to confirm the reservation and the sale is done!

How do you see this online reservation on Clerk?

On your dashboard you’ll see new orange bars with horizontal lines that indicate that this reservations are different and come from your website. If you put the mouse over this bars the emergent message will say “Pending from Internet

Enjoy selling through the web without any commissions, using a safe, simple and quick system, and what’s best, specially made for you.