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I. – This Site belongs to Clerk USA LLC Please read the following Terms and Conditions of Site Use, hereinafter the Terms and Conditions. For the use made of this Web site or individual pages, you expressly accept the terms and conditions governing it and are outlined below. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions you must immediately refrain from further use of this website for these purposes, the following terms have the following meanings: a) Clerk USA LLC: closed stock company established in Florida, USA, in turn, among others, operating businesses belonging or related to the Internet communications network. For all purposes, the word “Company” shall have the same meaning as when using the term “Clerk USA”, b) Software Clerk: Application on Web, mobile and other digital service that allows management and space management physical as hotels, residences, shelters, camping, etc. and / or any accommodation space, c) Site: This site presents www.clerkhotel.com is where the Web service on call Clerk. In it are the tutorials, screens, videos and tour subscription plans, user community, forums, blogs, and all means related to the exploitation and sale of service Clerk d) Terms and Conditions These Terms and Conditions Use of the Website; e) User, User or You: Any person accessing the Site for informational purposes or use.

II.- Clerk USA LLC is the creator and owner of Software Clerk, their websites and digital services of all derivatives and modifications, upgrades and / or derivatives.

III.- The Company reserves the right to unilaterally modify at any time and without specific notification to the users, these Terms and Conditions. Any amendment shall enter into force upon its publication so it is advisable to periodically read the Terms and Conditions to inquire about any changes. If you use the Site after the introduction of any changes to the Terms and Conditions, this will entail the acceptance of changes made tacitly. Clerk USA LLC has its own policies contained in these Terms and Conditions, which only include the User’s use of this Site do not apply to the use made by the user of linked sites, governed by their own policies and Terms and Conditions. Internet addresses to be linked to this Site are not under the control of the Company and are the sole responsibility of their authors or representatives. In making the user a link or establish a link to an external site, the Company is not responsible if the connection can not be made or if the content of the sites visited or do not provide useful information to the User or complies with stated or offered here . We recommend reading the policies and / or terms and conditions governing the use of linked sites in order to know how they can affect you. With regard to the privacy policy, please note that it applies only to this Site, not to the sites that you access through the links posted. We suggest that in such cases, the report on the policy adopted in each of the sites. The Service / The Siege:

A) The products and services offered on this Site are governed by current USA legislation. If you are outside USA and access to this page is aware that there may be legal restrictions in their country of origin or the place from which you access this page. The products and services offered here are not intended to be used in jurisdictions where this is prohibited by current legislation in question. It is your sole responsibility to entry and use of this Site, and Clerk USA LLC.  disclaims liability for any violation of local laws or regulations that you can commit as a result of income and / or use of this site in your country, or other which you do not habitually resident.

B) There are three ways to use Clerk as a service: i) Free trial, where users can use Clerk for free for 60 day; and ii) charges whose boundaries can be observed in each of the types of Clerk: Basic, Plus, Full House. iii) Frozen, whose 60 days status guards the accounts configuration and information and let the users download it. This status can be choose deliberately or forcibly in the case that the account haven’t proceed a payment for the suscribed plan. This website has no income restrictions, is promotional and marketing is through which you can buy subscriptions to Clerk, watching screens use, use videos, etc.

IV.- The Company reserves the right to terminate, suspend, discontinue or temporarily or permanently suspend the use of software without generating any right to make claims for the user. In the above cases the Company may have any of the actions outlined above by giving notice to the User seven days advance.

V. – The Company shall not be liable for damages caused by viruses, hackers or similar destructive software applications and / or keys of the users who access the computer systems of users and / or Web site.

VI.- If you want to register to use any product or service from this website, the time to do it, you must provide accurate, comprehensive and reliable information and update it when necessary. To be accepted as a registered user of this site, you must choose a username and password only. In order to avoid the use of your account by unauthorized persons, you must take all necessary precautions so that your username and password will remain private and log out of site when the term given to the session. If your username and password to be used by an unauthorized user must immediately inform Clerk USA LLC.  The Company shall not be liable for losses that the User may incur as a result of the use, by someone other than the registered user, product and / or services, regardless of whether the User authorized or not that person. However, the user may be liable for any damage or loss Clerk USA LLC suffer as a result of the use of the name or account by someone other than the registered user.

VII.- Privacy Policy and Data Protection:
The Company undertakes: i) maintaining safe and under appropriate levels of protection, all information that the user provides, and ii) not to use such information unless the user explicitly authorizes it, except with the to inform you about products and / or services offered by him or by other members or associated companies Clerk USA LLC. For the latter case, the User authorizes the Company, hereby expressly, that disclosure. For greater certainty, the Company does not sell, rent, trade or otherwise transfer to third parties any personal information without the explicit permission of the user, unless: a) is required to do so under current legislation, b) if so ordered competent authorities; c) to protect the interests of Clerk USA LLC.; d) requiring compliance with Company policies; e) protect the rights, property or safety of any person.

VIII.- Copyright:
The content of the Website, including without being limited to this list, any material used for preparation, text, graphics, logos, trademarks, slogans and other materials, as well as the software system and its amendments Clerk , updates or derivatives, databases, networks and files that allow users access to it, are the property of Clerk USA LLC. and are protected by law and international treaties.

IX.- Email:
The standard e-mail messages sent over the Internet may be subject to possible interception, loss or alteration. In no way Clerk USA LLC.  assume liability for them, nor for damage or other problems in relation to emails sent by and received by the Company.

X.- Failures in the system:
The Company is not responsible for any damage or loss, direct or indirect, caused to User faulty product Clerk USA LLC. systems in your server, or on the Internet. The Company is not responsible for any viruses that may infect the user’s equipment because of access, use or consideration of the Site or the software Clerk, or upon any transfer of data contained herein. You may not impute liability to the Company or to require compensation for this loss or damage, direct or indirect, resulting from technical difficulties or failures in systems Clerk USA LLC. or electronic media like the Internet.

XI.- The procurement of services or products which are reported in this Site may only be made by persons over 18 years. No delay or omission by the Company to require strict compliance with these Terms and Conditions shall not be construed as a waiver of the rights hereunder. If any part or section of these Terms and Conditions be deemed invalid, illegal or unenforceable by any court or other competent body, that part or section shall be excluded from the remainder of these Terms and Conditions, which shall remain valid and shall be judicially enforceable in all areas not affected and to the extent permitted by law.

XII.- Prohibition:
The User may only use the software Clerk and the information contained on the Site for your personal, noncommercial and, therefore, is absolutely forbidden to give, sell, circulate, transmit, distribute or sell, in any form and any title, any or part of the software or such information.

XIII.- Jurisdiction and Applicable Law:
All matters relating to the interpretation and enforcement of these Terms and Conditions are governed exclusively by the laws of the USA. Any disputes concerning the validity, application, interpretation, performance, duration, validity, invalidity, resolution, presence or performance of these terms and conditions shall be submitted to the Ordinary Courts of Justice of USA.